Pastor who visited heaven brings back rare photos to show his congregation


A pastor took a trip to heaven and managed to return with pictures to show his congregation about the enjoyment awaiting them one of these days when they eventually die.

Although this place which they have been promised is said to be a beautiful place, none of them have seen how it really looks like.

A pastor took the burden upon himself to travel to heaven and show photos of how it looks like with his congregation. Its uncertain as to whether he traveled by land, sea or air.

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Heaven is the biggest promise in Christianity which keeps Christians happy even if life is not going so well – the promise of eternity in bliss is very powerful.

This pastor, yet to be identified, thus wanted his congregation to have an even more vivid vision of what that heaven will look like.

After returning successfully from heaven, he came along with photos of how heaven looks like.

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In one of the photos, there was a plush size bed with so much fruits and beautiful things surrounding it, in another too he was seen lying on the bed.

See tweet below;

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