Watch as young trainee soldier cries to go home due to intense training at military camp [video]


A footage circulating on social media captured a young man who is saturated by the very intense training at a military camp pleading to be permitted to go home.

In the video three minutes video, the young man was sitting on the bare floor with his instructors all around him.

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A scene in the footage shows the young military trainee gasping for breath following the intense training. The clearly tired young man is heard asking to be permitted to go home.

Amid mild laughter, his instructors who were standing close to him ask about his name and age.

“I’m 27-years-old,’’ he says while visibly sobbing that he should be allowed to home. He can also be heard saying that he is tired.

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One of the officers in charge of the trainees can be heard saying in the video that he that he wouldn’t be permitted to go home, while others say he should be permitted to go home.

Clearly, desiring to become a military personnel comes with a lot of very intense training and the young man may have negotiated for more than his passion could afford him.

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Watch the video below;

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