Blood and water season 1 – 6 episodes(TV series)


Blood and water


Genres : Drama | Mystery


Release Date : 20 May 2020

Language : English

Country of Origin : south Africa

Filming Locations : Cape Town, South Africa

Blood and Water Plot Summary

‘Blood and Water’ centers around Puleng, a teenage girl whose family still grieves the disappearance of her younger sister. While her parents celebrate another one of her sister’s birthday even though she’s not with them, Puleng tries to convince them to leave their past behind.

But that’s when Puleng’s life completely changes—She learns about a girl named Fiks, who looks a lot like her. Knowing that she once had a sister, Puleng gets curious about the girl and starts digging into her life.

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As her quest for seeking answers continues, Puleng decides to leave her old school and joins the school where Fiks studies.

This new school brings more challenges to her life than she had initially anticipated as it accommodates some of the most elite kids of her town.

In the meantime, even Fiks goes down a very destructive path without understanding the real reason why she feels so hollow inside. While Puleng’s investigation continues, a bigger forgotten conspiracy begins to unravel itself.

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