Wild video of SA woman enjoying 0ral $3× while making a phone call hits online [Watch]


Lately, it looks like there is no day that just passes without anything ridiculous happening in our social media.

Last week was the private videos of one of South African actors was spotted at a $£+ party in the company of 3 uncovered ladies obviously having fun.

However, he has come out regretting his acts and has asked for forgiveness to all those disappointed.

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After this controversy, it seems more and more private tap£s are being dropped on Twitter of people engaging in intimate session while recording themselves.

And recently, there is this other video making rounds online of a thick woman and an unidentified man doing oral ‘distin’ while taking to some on phone.

Due to the nature of the vid£o, we cannot show it here but thanks to our partners you can view and download here

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