Wild video of heavy tundra ladies getting ready for another $£kz party hits online


Just a few weeks ago, a video footage of South African actor, SK Khoza partying with unclad women in a jacuzzi went viral.

The hashtag #Shaka was trending on social media, referencing the character that Khoza plays on the popular show.

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Many fans on social media expressed their disappointment at the behaviour of the actor, saying he was adopting the ‘womanising’ qualities of the character he plays.

Further allegations were made that the women who attended the “ party” may have been drugged.

Well a new video of some ladies getting ready for another sekz-party is currently making rounds on the internet.

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When the video hits online after their party some people will start saying they must have been drugged but in this video, these ladies are there for work.

There seems to be a guy calling the shots asking the ladies to take off the towels and get ready for his party.

Due to the nature of the video, we cannot show it here but you can view and download here

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