Meet the ugliest woman in the world who had over 20 marriage proposals


Julia Pastrana was billed as “ the ugliest woman in the world ,” “the bear woman,” “the link between mankind and the orangutan,” and “the ape woman.”

She was born in 1834 in the rural part of Mexico in the State of Sinaloa and was condemned from birth due to her physical appearance because it is dehumanizing and denigrating.

Julia Pastrana only grew to just 4 feet and 5 inches tall and apart for her palms and the sole of her feet, she was all covered up with hair.

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She had a large nose and jaw and an abnormal size of lips and gums. She was however nicknamed “the Ape Woman”.

Even though she had a rare congenital condition known as acromegaloid hypertrichosis syndrome, in the 19th century, Pastrana sparked people’s curiosity and was exhibited for their entertainment all around the world, while Victorian pseudo-scientists claimed that she was a half-human, half-ape hybrid.

Despite her gentle character, her talents for singing and dancing, and her ability to speak multiple languages, nobody saw further than the hair all over her body. People didn’t see a human under her “fur”.

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See her pictures below;

the ugliest woman in the world

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