Yahoo Boy & two ladies die in fatal accident while returning from night club [Video]


A man and two ladies have lost their in a fatal car accident while returning from night club.

The young man suspected to be an internet fraudster ran into a stationary tanker parked beside the road, killing himself and two other passengers last night in Sapele, Delta State.

According to media reports, the young man is a “Yahoo Boy” who bought the car three weeks ago from a garage at an undisclosed location.

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He went chilling with two young ladies at Vics & J, a popular night club in Delta state where he was seen spraying cash everywhere in the club, they met their untimely death when they left the club and smashed the car into a parked tanker beside the road.

The three of them died on the spot as they looked almost unrecognizable due to the impact.

See images below:

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And their video below;

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