“My legs spread out so fast when I see a car key” – Lady says [Video]


A video making rounds on social media has seen a lady discuss how seeing a car key makes her fall easily for a man and spread out legs fast.

Everyone has one particular thing they desire to see in their potential life partner but a lady’s disclosure that she gets turned on by the mere sight of a car key.

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The lady continued to talk about her desires in men and how she gets easily attracted to men with big cars.

According to the lady, her legs spread out very fast when she sees a very rich guy who has a car of his own.

She added that it is her fervent desire that God will make her finally meet the man of her dreams as a single look at a car key will turn her on.

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In her words ;

My legs, they spread out so fast, especially when I see a car key. I hope I’m going to find that man”.

Watch the video below;

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