Meet stepmothers and father who allegedly chained 10-year-old Jibril with animals for 2 years

Advertisement earlier made a report of a 10-year-old Jibril Aliyu who was treated inhumanly by his stepmothers and his father after the death of his mother.

Jubril was subjected to living with animals which includes fowls and goat for a yet to be confirmed reason. The process continued for 2 years until he was discovered by some persons.

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In the 2 years of living with the animals, Jubril was made to be at a particular position because he was confined with a chain and tied closed to a tree just as if he was one of the animals.

Reports have it that for that 2 years, he was not fed and this made him began to eat crumbs/leftovers of the animals who he lived among. Jubril was said to have lost his senses and also now behave like an animal.

The 2 stepmothers who put the little boy in such condition has been arrested alongside their husband who happens to be Jubril biological father.

See photos of them and the video below;

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