Tw£rk queen HUDDAH MONROE causes stir as she shakes her ‘assets’ in latest video


Kenyan Socialite Huddah Monroe has caused chatter on social media after releasing a video of herself displaying some wild dance moves.

Huddah Monroe, is still eating life with a big spoon in Dubai, where she has been holed up for several months.

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Despite the Government partially opening its airspace, Huddah is yet to come back to Kenya from Dubai, leaving a section of fans wondering how she is surviving there.

Netizens suspect that the petite slay queen Huddah might have landed so many clients in Dubai and perhaps that’s why she doens’t want to come back come.

To stay revelant on social platforms, the socialite caused massive chaos after she posted a hot video shaking her famous derriere that is touched by only filthy rich men.

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Huddah Monroe is dedicated to the game and is here to prove tw£rking is much more than just shakin’ a$$ … oh wait, she’s just shaking @ss … but that’s still okay.

Then again, that ‘yansh’ is straight-up crazy…check it out.

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