Kamau Challenges Mike Oliver ; releases photos of over 20 ladies that he has chewed


In our neighboring country, Kenya, once you mention the name Mike Oliver every babe scatters. Oliver is one hell of a whopper champion who has in recent courted controversy in Kenyatta Land.

Mike Oliver, is the talk of town after he shared photos of multiple Kenyan ladies that he has come into contact with.

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Oliver, who is said to be doing s£× tourism in Kenya, has sl£pt with a lot of Kenyan women and reportedly infected them with HIV.

Oliver has chewed ladies of different body shapes and skin colour across major cities in the country.

And it now seems we have our own Kenyan Mike Oliver by the name Kamau.

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Kamau shared photos of over 20 different women that he has met and probably chewed.

In some of the photos, he is seen getting cosy with the women.

Check out the pics.

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