Video of police officers restraining a violent man from stabbing his wife causes stir [watch]


Issues of domestic violence are not ones to be joked with. A number of ladies in Africa are no doubt a victim of these violence in their homes and it has also led to the loss of many lives.

These days, a number of people have taken it upon themselves to speak up against such violence and call for the men responsible to be punished.

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A chilling video making rounds on the internet shows the moment Kenyan police officers rescued a woman from the jaws of a violent husband.

From the video available to , the violent man is seen holding a knife and threatening to stab the wife.

The cops are seen trying to talk to the man to calm down so he will drop his weapon but he remained defiant and even dared the cops to shoot him.

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At some point the idiot almost stabbed the lady after one of the cops turned his back on the assailant.

Eventually, the assailant dropped his weapon after he realized the cops’ patience was running thin and was handcuffed.

Kenyans on social media have hailed the police for their level of restraint even in the face of danger.

Watch the video below.

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