Zodwa wabantu parades her raw derriere as she blasts people who jabs her for showing a lot of skin.


Zodwa Wabantu has hit back at people who criticise her for always flaunting her body and showing a lot of skin.

South African socialite, dancer and beauty entrepreneur, Zodwa Wabantu, is not a new name in the blogophere.

She is not famous for her sharp brains but because of the countless erotic photos that she splashes on social media.

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The dancer has no filter and often speaks her mind however she does not want people to think that is all she has to offer.

After a video of her dancing in a skimpy costume went viral, she received a lot of negative comments from people with one follower asking if she has anything to offer the world besides her body.

Speaking to TshisaLive about the negativity, Zodwa said that she wishes people could see beyond the raunchiness and learn a thing or two from her.

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I know that people know me for my body and my dance moves, after all it is what I do for a living. But I wanted my fans to also see that I am about more things than just my a$$ . Even more than the brand, the business, the money … the life I have lived has a lot of lessons for people to learn,” she told the publication.

Ignoring the naysayers she continued posting a lot of nud£ pictures a long with jaw dropping captions.

The latest post she wrote “Sometimes when they Don’t respect your Brains Take Off,all your Clothes & Have That Meeting,Open Everything Open Everything

Check out her latest post below :

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