Wife att¶cks her husband’s mistress like a wounded lion as she engages her in a dirty fight [video ]


A young woman was brutally attacked and beaten by another woman after she was accused of being a mistress and a home wrecker.

The aggrieved woman accused the alleged side-chick of meeting her husband for secret s£x escapades.

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She questioned the lady what she was doing with her husband in the nearby town and wrestled her to the ground and beat her senseless, before passers-by separated them.

Once they were separated, the alleged side-chick bragged that she has been sleeping with the woman’s husband and confronted her with all manner of objects available, leading to another dirty fight.

In the video, the aggrieved woman is heard mocking her husband’s lover , calling her a useless barren woman who goes round sleeping with other people’s husbands.

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If not for the passers-by, these ladies would have killed each other.

Watch the dramatic video below :

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