You’re a witch – Anita Afriyie and her father trade blows on Facebook live [watch]


Popular Gospel musician Anita Afriyie clashed with her father over her excessive Facebook live sessions in his house.

A video, sighted online, captures the gospel musician and her father exchanging words during a Facebook live session.

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This was after the father decided to interrupt her praise and worship time with fans on social media with a warning to her to yelling and playing loud music in his house.

According to her father, this attitude has been going for some time now, furthermore, it’s becoming a menace.

He stressed he had had enough of her ‘noise’ and she should take it out of the house if she still wants to do it.

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He further branded her as a witch, stupid and scammer, and warned her followers to be careful when dealing with her.

The two traded insults for nearly three minutes, while Anita’s Facebook session still run on.

In justifying her ‘noise and loud music’ Anita said, “It’s my birthday today. I know when I die today, you will do something.”

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However, her father, who has zero chills, slammed her, saying “I don’t care if you die or not. This house is not a church so you can go and do it anywhere.”

The ‘Adehye Mogya’ singer stressed the only thing that will stop her is to be brought back to Ghana.

Watch the video below:

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