Skimpily dressed Slay Queen harassing a man in public with her backside sets tongues wagging [Watch]


This video showing a naughty slay queen messing with a man old enough to be her father in a grocery store has stirred a storm on social media.

In the video, the well-endowed lady, who was wearing a scandalous outfit that left little to the imagination of men, is seen intentionally pushing herself against the old man.

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She then dropped an apple and proceeded to pick it while pushing her derriere against the poor guy and then sauntered away.

While some people find this funny, others reckon that this is s3xual harassment and if it was the other way round, feminists would have raised hell.

Watch the video below.

Meanwhile a video of Lady speaking in tongues during kerewa has got social media buzzing.

The lady was m0aning hard and shouting at the top of her voice, telling the energetic ‘’daddy’’, who seems to be experienced in bedroom matters, to pump in harder.

And the skilled ‘daddy’ didn’t disappoint. He pumped in harder and spanked her giving her a memorable experience…. Continue reading