Koo Fori narrates how he escaped from the fire outbreak that destroyed his home


Ghanaian actor, Seth Kwabena Kyere Karikari, well known as Koo Fori, has broken his silence on how his house got burnt.

Giving an in-depth account of how his well-furnished home was razed down by the fire in the late hours of Monday, September 7, he disclosed that it is linked to an electrical fault.

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Koo Fori revealed the sad incident occurred on Sunday night after escorting some of his family members who had visited him.

The ‘Efiewura’ TV series actor said he went straight to his bedroom to charge his phone after seeing off his family members—but the broadcast of Ghana’s Most Beautiful on TV3 caught his attention so he decided to watch the program. While watching the program his television went off.

After checking the socket and peeping through the window, the actor stated that he realized he had no electricity power. He then moved to his hall intending to watch the program there.

Koo Fori said he smelled an unusual scent of which he quickly checked his kitchen to see if something was wrong but he didn’t come across anything.

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I smelled smoke: I thought it was from the kitchen so I quickly run to check but it was not from that part. So I went back to the hall and the whole place was smoky with fire coming from the AC. For a second, I could not breathe because the smoke was too much. I was scared to move out because of the fire that was spilling out from the AC,” he said.

Koo Fori said after his successful exit from the fire outbreak he screamed for help and a neighbour rushed to his rescue.

Mr Karikari acknowledged how the people helped to quench the fire before personnel from the Ghana National Fire Service came to the place after his neighbour’s wife placed an emergency call to them.

Koo Fori says he consoles himself with the fact that life is worth more than vanity.

Watch the video below for more :

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