Akuapem Poloo s.3k.x tape finally drops with a bunch of rashes all over her nyash


Rosemond Alade Brown, known widely as Akuapem Poloo is in deep trouble as her ‘bedroom rehearsals’ tape she did with someone has surfaced online and it’s getting all the needed attention.

Social media on Sunday became a hub of unstoppable chatter after a video came out showing a lady claiming to have seen a tape of Akuapem Poloo.

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The lady, speaking in a 4 minute video, said she became sad after watching the video of Akuapem Poloo sleeping with a man on a bed not even fit for students.

The lady said Akuapem Poloo had disgraced herself by allowing herself to be slept with by a man who wasn’t even a ‘big man’ per se just to receive some coins and have it recorded.

The lady also claimed the man entered Poloo both from the front and the back.

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The said video has finally hits online,
Per multiple reports, it was dropped by the guy himself for obvious reasons and we don’t want to jump into any conclusion.But one thing is certain from watching the footage.

Thus, it’s simply sad considering the bunch of rashes in her nyash perhaps due to the multiple kerewa she has been receiving from Dubai gees for the past 3 years all in the name of making money.

Watch the video here

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