Lady in rapper D-B1ack’s sushi eating video finally speaks [Watch]


Adrienne Nicole, the woman in a l£aked tape with Ghanaian Rapper D-Black has spoken out after the video went viral.

Adrienne Nicole is a philanthropist and American politician who lives a private quite personal life. Since the video went viral she has been devastated.

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About a week ago Adrienne lost her phone at the airport while traveling.

Then a few days later on Monday, September 14, 2020, Adrienne started receiving messages from an individual demanding money coupled with threats that if the money is not paid he would start posting personal pictures and videos of her and her Ghanaian celebrity ex-boyfriend.

Adrienne Nicole ignored the attempts of extortion and instead reported the matter to local authorizes. Within 48 hours the individual contacted Adrienne Nicole again demanding payment by end of day or he would start releasing videos of her and her ex-boyfriend (Ghanaian Celebrity, D-Black).

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Again, Adrienne Nicole did not respond and forwarded the 2nd correspondence to authorities as well. within hours the tap£ was released online and has since been posted and shared thousands of times across the internet.

Due to the overwhelming response to the videos, she made a complaint to a cybersecurity team to take down the visuals from the internet. Adrienne Nicole and her team further reached out to news/media and social platforms reporting the videos and asking them to take the video down but more have popup.

Adrienne Nicole is now working with her foreign and local Ghanaian authorities to get the videos taken down and keep any more videos from being l£aked.

Here is how she detailed everything in a video:

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