Slay queen causes massive stir with her fake gargantuan derriere and hips


A lady, has caused a massive stir on social media after someone recorded a video of her dragging attention with her fake gargantuan figure clearly visible.

The cult of the large elastic buttocks came to us thanks to the popularity of hip-hop culture since the late 80’s.

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Until now, aerobics and thin muscular bodies ruled the world, today,instead of some ladies appreciating their God given figure , they are busy swallowing dangerous pills and going through surgery to enhance their curves and derrieres

While some ladies manage to attain killer figures like Kim Kardashian after swallowing pills or going through surgery, others end up looking like turkey .

A case in point is this lady who was spotted at some club.. Have a look

Meanwhile, Wild video of massive backside slay queen prostituting on live instagram has set tongues wagging on social media.

The cash starved and lazy slay queen , who want quick money without toiling, have turned different social platforms into brothels.

She are openly prostituting on Instagram, the same way old school prostitutes openly peddle flesh at Nkrumah circle and other red light Junctions… watch her steamy videos here.

TRENDING VIDEO :Slay Queen causes traffic on the street with her made in China gargantuan backside