Meet Lisa Sparks: The lady who has sl£pt with the high℮st number m£n in a day


World records are held by almost extraordinary people. There are world records for weird things and there are even world records for embarrassing things.

One of the most shocking of these is the world record for the most men lay with in 24 hours. It is held by a woman named Lisa Sparks.

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She achieved this cringe-worthy record by doing it with 919 m℮n over 12 hours.
This means that she spent only 45 seconds with each person .

The whole event occurred in Poland in the year which I have mentioned some paragraphs back. In case you don’t remember, it is 2004.

Lisa Sparks

One of the women she was competing against was the former world record holder who did it with 759 men in a day.

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According to her, she enjoyed herself although she confessed that she did feel pain for about a week or so.

Lisa is a popular adu1t film actress who enjoys a huge following on social media.

Former US President Barack Obama is one of her followers on twitter.

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