New Facebook algorithm: How to see Atinkanews’ latest posts on your timeline now


The Classic Facebook will no longer be available as from September 2020 as the platform is introducing an interface update.

You may have noticed some changes when using Facebook in the last few weeks which may have frustrated your experience.

Facebook has introduced a new algorithm which may change how your News Feed appears. This means that some of your favourite pages, such as and Atinkapage may not appear on your timeline.

No cause for alarm as you can still get the latest entertainment news , celebrities gossip, sport, international and viral news from Atinka News . You will just need to take a few steps to ensure that nothing changes on your timeline

Here are steps that you need to follow to ensure that AtinkaNews always appears on your News Feed, with the latest news and entertainment updates.

1. Click the ‘Follow’ Option AtinkaNews Facebook Pages.


Atinka Entertainment News

Even if you have already liked our Facebook page, please follow it. Following means that you are actively asking to see the content from our page and ensures that AtinkaNews will always appear on your timeline regardless of the changes to the algorithm by Facebook.

There is even an option which allows you to see Atinkanews first on your timeline. This means that posts from our page will appear above other posts. You can also choose to be notified when a new post is published on the page.

2. Sharing Is Caring: Invite Your Friends To Like .

Invite your friends and family to like our page so that they also are never left out. They will be able to get the latest and hottest trending entertainment news.

3. Share, Comment And Like AtinkaNews’ Posts

When you come across an AtinkaNews Post that piques your interest, captures your imagination, entertains, horrifies you, among other things, please share your feelings via the comment section. This feedback allows us to provide content that you appreciate and allows our community to grow.

From the AtinkaNews Team, we say thank you to each and every one of our loyal readers for sticking with us. We are striving to be always better than we were yesterday, and we can only do this with your unwavering support. We want you to know that we appreciate you and that we do not take your support for granted… yɛda mo ase papaaapa