Man nearly collapses after court finds wife to have fathered their child with his brother


A scene from the Paternity Court reality show has left tongues wagging and jaws-dropping.

A man by the name Hopkins almost fainted during a court session after it emerged that he was not the father to the child at the center their family feud.

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The guy(Hopkins) who appeared to be in his mid-40,s was dragged to court by her baby mama demanding child support but he insisted on a DNA test first.

When the DNA results came out, it turned out he was actually not the father but somebody close to him.

In an emotional session that was characterized by untold silence and shock, confession rocked the entire hall as wife to Hopkins was told by court that she had shortchanged his husband by fathering the child with her brother in law (husband’s brother).

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What’s more heartbreaking is the fact that the lady pretended to be shocked knowing very well that she was just setting up the guy.

Watch the video below:

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