Room 402: St£amy video of a lady begging for mercy from a hotel room causes stir


Room 402… A st£amy video of a lady begging for mercy as a man who seems to have a PhD in b£droom matters chewed her mercilessly…

The hot session was taking place in the hotel room number 402 and it’s suspected that the lady might be a thigh vendor who was hawking her flesh to a client.

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Room 402

And the client utilized his money well by unleashing his monster propeller on the lady, leaving her speaking in different languages .

In the steamy audio that has taken Twitter by storm, the lady is heard calling the Creator, as the man works on her without mercy.

It seems this lady will never forget the session that she had with the unidentified man, who has been branded a ‘bull’ by social media users .

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If all men performed in the other room like this guy, women would be forever happy… Lol.

Listen to the steamy audio (we advise you put your earphones on)

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