Drama as jilted wife publicly flashes her lady bit while cursing cheating husband [video]


An angry woman caused drama and confusion after she confronted her cheating husband and attempted to undress in public.

The jilted woman confronted her husband breathing fire and accused him of impregnating another woman, She further accused her husband’s mother of pressuring him to marry another woman.

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Cheating husband

In the video, the woman is heard ranting that she has been married to the cheating man for 20 years and tolerated his philandering behavior for all those years.

She further complains that they have taken their kids through school together and now that they are grown-ups, he wants to abandon her for another woman.

She lifted her skirt and flashed her lady bit , asking her husband whether she doesn’t have the same private parts like his clandestine lover.

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Watch the video of the aggrieved woman causing drama in public while cursing her cheating husband

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