Woman shows up to fiance’s workplace in wedding dress, demands to be married [Watch]


Woman shows up to fiance’s workplace in wedding dress and demands to be married in viral video.

Being in a relationship where the two of you arent on the same page, it’s one of life’s greatest dilemmas.

A woman recently went viral for handling it in a way many of us have probably thought about but would never actually dare to do.

Woman shows up to fiance's workplace in wedding dress

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She put on her wedding dress, hired a minister, and marched up the aisle, specifically the Halloween aisle of the Target where her fiancé works and demanded he marry her right there, right then.

She then gestured to the friend and minister, in a clerical collar and the whole nine she brought along with her, explaining that she was ready to go.

Her fiancé, though, looked… well, about how you’d expect him to look after being ambushed in the middle of his work day by his fiancé in her wedding dress.

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Watch her videos below:

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