Billionaire wife Jacqueline Mengi left in tears after her home got flooded [video]


A Tanzanian lady, Jacqueline Mengi’s home was recently overrun by flood and she took to social media to share videos of the sorry state of her property.

As expected, the billionaire’s wife was very upset at the state of her home and she explained on Instagram that her first reaction was despair and tears.

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Mengi said that there was so much loss and destruction in her home as a result of the flood and that a lot of sentimental pieces became of no use.

She said that many of the sentimental pieces reminded her of her twins and their father.

The former beauty queen said that she sat on the floor crying and her twin boys came around to console her.

Jacqueline Mengi

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She wrote: “This is my home after the floods, with so much destruction and loss. These videos show only a fraction of the damage that we suffered. My first reaction was tears and despair and I think it would’ve been the same for anyone under the circumstances.

I cried for the loss especially because many of these things have sentimental value, they’re things that remind me and my twins of their father, many of them were gifts that hold a lot of memories. As I sat on the floor crying my twins came to hug me trying to console me and started praying, in the prayer they thanked God that we were still alive and safe and it really hit me.

Yes we have lost a lot and we will never be able to replace these things but we still have a lot to be grateful for and at least we have the memories stored in our hearts and minds. I know many of you were affected by the floods, I’m sorry for your losses, i know how painful it is, how devastating it is but pls do remember to be grateful that you still have your lives. God bless you all.”

See her post below :

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