Man caught planting juju at the house of NPP Parliamentary Candidate ;video drops


Man caught planting juju at the house of NPP Parliamentary Candidate house at Chereponi

A man known to be a spiritualist has been caught red-handed planting what is alleged to be juju in the house of New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) Parliamentary Candidates house at Chereponi

In an Instagram video published by dadajoelive, a man is seen handcuffed and exhibiting what he went to do the house of Honorable. Abdul-Razak Tahidu, the NPP Parliamentary Candidate for Chereponi Constituency on Sunday 18 October, 2020.

Man caught planting juju

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This has left many speechless and amazed by the said ritualist actions against Hon. Tahidu.

Honorable Abdul-Razak Tahidu is also the current District Chief Executive Officer for Chereponi and has now been elected to occupy the Parliamentary Candidate position of the NPP to context other candidates.

Hon Abdul-Razak Tahidu who is also the District Chief Executive(DCE) for the area was elected the NPP Parliamentary Candidate for election 2020 during the 2019 NPP primaries in Chereponi.

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He polled 226 out of 357 votes to beat two other contenders namely Mr Ibrahim Mahama Nanbiema who had 54 votes and Mr Lambini Kombat Sakap who had 67 votes.

Watch the video below:

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