Pamela Odame weeps bitterly as she rains curses on Nayas [Video]


Video lady and Instagram model, Pamela Odame Watara has down-poured reviles on Nayas in a meeting with Fiifi Pratt prior today on Kingdom FM.

Pamela Odame outbursts on-air follows that of Nayas’ call-out at her for not showing up on her Adult show on Kantanka TV.

Nayas days ago came on social media calling out Pamela for failing to show up for a show she was a guest on and had broadcasted on all online platforms.

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Pamela Odame

The Kumawood entertainer turn moderator in a live video tending to it communicated her disappointment at how Pamela ignored her program with no appropriate reason.

Her remarks in the video didn’t go down well with her[Pamela], consequently, in response on Kingdom FM, Pamela Odame uncovered it wasn’t in her arrangement to disillusion Nayas on that day.

According to her, something came up that made it impossible for her to show up but failed to communicate that information back to her[Nayas] who then had called her several times.

Speaking on the Afrojoint show, Odame said she was not hurt much by Nayas’ outcry at her on social media explaining that what really got to her was (Nayas) allowing Tornado to say all those things about her on live tv.

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On the show at Kantanka TV, Nana Tornado made a genuine claim against Pamela. He stated, he had a single night rendezvous with Pamela Odame when she was a whore at Osu.

In tears, the entertainer/socialite utilized some unprintable articulations as she came down condemnations on her[Nayas] for slandering her on TV.

She labeled Kumawood entertainer Nayas initially referred to as Gladys Mensah Boaku as phony taking steps to take lawful activities against her and the TV channel she works for.

Watch the video below; 

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