Teenage lovers caught pants down in a shopping malls’ toilet [video]


Wonders shall never cease, this generation of teenagers have truly proved it.

Monday morning two teenagers were caught by a security guard busy exchanging fluids in one of the malls’ toilets in Lusaka

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security guards of a shopping mall in Lusaka were left shaken after screams started coming from one of their toilet.


It was around 3pm in the afternoon and business were ongoing as usual before the bizarre incident happened.

All of a sudden, screams started emanating from one of malls wash rooms and the lady could be heard loud and clear like that of room 306

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According to eyewitness, one of the security guards rushed to the washroom and what he saw shocked him .

The security guard was so puzzled as she did not know what to do. More people rushed inside to check what was going on.

The rest was captured on camera as a video shows authorities bundling the lady and guy out, with the lady crying in embarrassment.

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This comes shortly after the National Prayer Day which took place on Sunday October 18, 2020..

Check out the video below :

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