Police officer caught on camera hanging on a speeding truck [video]


Social media has erupted after a police officer was caught on camera hanging on a speeding truck on a busy road.

In many countries , people seem to have lost faith in uniformed men despite the common term that police is our friend.

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For this reason, a lot of policemen and women are disregarded especially if they are doing something illegal or trying to cheat an individual.

Some policemen and women have become a thorn in the flesh of public transport drivers as they use every opportunity to bill and extort them.

Many drivers already seem fed up of this act and they take things into their own hands.

Police officer hanging on a speeding truck

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Just recently, a shocking video of a policeman and a truck driver made the rounds on social media.

In the short clip, the cop hanged on a speeding truck in broad-daylight to bargain for ‘nokofio ’ with a truck driver who had probably flouted traffic rules.

The Kenyan officer, who was dressed in full police uniform, hanged dangerously on the truck and demanded to be given what belongs to him.

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A hawk-eyed motorist who was driving behind the truck took a video and shared it on social media to show how the so-called disciplined force is rotten.

Watch the video below :

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