Ghanaian medical doctor cries uncontrollably in video after getting heartbreak [Watch]


A Ghanaian medical doctor cries uncontrollably in video and has became a viral trend over a broken heart.

Apparently the girl he loved to death showed him pepper and the doctor couldn’t handle it.

The video was a big hit and now a 2nd video has popped up showing how rosy the doctor and his girlfriend were chilling before things turned sour.

Ghanaian medical doctor cries uncontrollably

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Per the chilling you can see how good things were, which is why the doctor really broke down after the breakup.

The doctor was on duty and had a long queue of patients to attend to but he could not put himself together and handle the task at hand.

Perhaps, the saddest part of the footage was when, getting to the end, the handsome professional started wailing laudably.

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The entire story comes as a big surprise as many young doctors like him have a lot of women drooling over them because they are considered highly-esteemed.

Watch the video below;

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