Here how Ginimbi & friends were balling in the Rolls Royce that claimed their lives [video ]


Zimbabwean entertainment industry is mourning the death of youthful businessman and socialite, Ginimbi, who perished in a deadly road accident on Sunday morning.

Ginimbi and his friends, who included two female socialites, were burnt beyond recognition after the Rolls Royce that they were cruising around with crashed.

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A Twitter user called Danny says he was on the road at the time of the accident which happened because Ginimbi was speeding and overtook him then when he tried to overtake the car that was in front of Danny he got collided into a Honda fit and both cars burst into flames…. He was not wearing a seatbelt and was thrown out of the car.

Since the tragic passing of Genius Ginimbi, there have been numerous people mourning his sudden death, even some who have never met him but only know him from his online Instagram posts.

Also, A video of the deceased socialite and his friends balling hard in the ill-fated guzzler before the crash has emerged.

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This is the last post that he made before he perished in the deadly accident.

Watch the video below :

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