Photos of the pretty ladies who perished in a deadly accident alongside Ginimbi [video]


Zimbabwe is in mourning, following the passing of businessman Ginimbi and his friends Alichia and Moana. The three were accompanied by another friend, Karim.

According to reports, the flashy male socialite was coming from a drinking spree in a high-end club when the tragic accident happened.

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Before they went out, he had taken to his Instagram to give a preview of what was about to go down.


Guys, it’s time to go out, it’s gonna be going down. We’re going to Dreams (nightclub) in the next few minutes, it’s gonna be going down. It’s Moana’s birthday, we’re going to pop champagne, it’s gonna be champagne showers tonight, see you there,” he told his 600,000 plus followers.

When the accident happened, witnesses say that they couldn’t save the girls. The car exploded after it hit a tree. Ginimbi was trying to overtake when he rammed into an incoming Honda Fit. The car burst into flames once it hit the tree.

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The girls didn’t make it out. they were just crying inside the burning car. we couldn’t do anything,” an eyewitness told Zim Live.

We’ve collected some of their photos from IG, and it is so sad to see such a beautiful bunch perish. Moana was a fitness influencer and Alichia was a brand strategist.

Here are Moana’s photos

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And here are Alichia’s photos:

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