Soldier goes berserk after taking devil’s weed; shocking video drops


A uniformed Soldier reportedly to have taken ‘Colorado’ aka devil’s weed, is seen in a dramatic video behaving abnormally while screaming some incomprehensible words.

The video shows the young Nigerian officer sitting on a yellow plastic chair with a plastic water bottle believed to be empty in his hand.

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He then starts screaming and turning about before falling on the floor and continues to turn around.

Some witnesses are seen gathered around the soldier and attempting to save him from the effects of the illicit drug he allegedly took.

One of them who made the video could be heard calling for water to save him, saying the soldier was under the influence of ‘Colorado’.

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Watch the video below :

According to healthwise, ‘Colorado’ is a street name for synthetic cannabinoid, and is classified as a psychoactive substance. it’s also known as ‘black mamba,’ ‘Amsterdam gold,’ ‘devil’s weed,’ ‘x,’ ‘Mary joy,’ ‘annihilation,’ ‘Tai high’ and ‘Hawaiian haze.’

The drug’s consumption is reported to be prevalent among some Nigerian youth especially those in Lagos.

Adebayo Folorunsho-Francis of the healthwise reports that ‘Colorado’ is one of the illicit drugs that are boldly advertised “on social media platforms such as Twitter, aside from selling them on the streets of Lagos”.

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