IG blogger exposes Eve Essin on how she destroyed the “home of her friend”; [Full gist]


Recent report has alleged that popular actress, Eve Essin allegedly ruined a home and siezed the woman’s kids for months before she finally released them.

An Instagram blogger Gist Lovers has taken to her page to give full details on how Nollywood actress Eve Essin destroyed the home of her friend and allegedly seized her kids for months.

Eve Essin

Popular Blogger Gistlovers shared,

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“According to reports, Aunty Eve used to be the wife’s friend, always visit her when she was married to the man Eve just got engaged to, She visits then woman’s house frequently, Not knowing her intentions was to Broke the lady’s home, Feeding the man with so many lies about the wife, Till the Mumu man throw me and the kids out then later came back to get the kids and took them to Eveesin olosho house, And the battle of getting the kids back started until she got them back”.

“Then the man started communicating with the wife in 2018 asking her for forgiveness, But once eve noticed, She go renew her charm, The magic finger man even visited his wife and kids in Lagos last year sef, When eve heard it, She became mad, And force this their engagement, the Mumu man wey them dey snatch sef Na woman beater, while he was still married to his wife, if Eve tell am anything like this, Na Gbas Gbos for the wife, him fo beat am sotey the woman go Almost collapse.”

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“As it is now, the man already engaged Eve and is still begging her wife to come back home, say him still wan born two more kids join the previous ones, who go settle this matter like this?👎👎All these yeyebrities be doing the most💔💔💔Ruining home since 1900,if them don hawk their Puna finish, their old age them go dey look for where to retire put, if you get them as friends, shine your eyes well well o, them no get joy, I come in peace”.

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