Mother brutalizes teenage daughter after seeing her with a boy; sad video drops


Mother brutalizes teenage daughter after seeing her with a boy in latest viral video

A mother has been accused of brutalizing her teenage daughter after seeing her with a guy.

Mother brutalizes teenage daughter

Instagram user, @Shammah_Yinse alleged that the girl came to the scholl she works in with the bruises as captured in the video she shared.

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The lady who placed the age of the girl between 14-15, called on people who can help to reach out.

She wrote;


A girl just came to a school I work now with all these bruises….this is Child Abuse!

Apparently , her mum saw her with a guy and decided beating her like an animal is the best way to correct her. Mother indeed! Egbami! Lai s’eranko! Don’t view and pass abeg…. Please repost and tag all the Child Rights organization before this woman will decide to kill her. Thank you!
if you know anyone that can help, please let me know so I can send the girl and school info.

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Watch the video below; 

Mother brutalizes teenage daughter

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