Video of man £ating drunk Slay Queen’s toto in public causes massive stir [Watch]


Just when you think you have seen it all, you come across this video showing a guy £ating drunk Slay Queen’s ‘Nunu’ in public.

There was music, booze was flowing and everyone was having a good time. A woman who seemed to be having a really good time was enjoying herself so much that she even showed off her ‘t0t0’ .

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In the video that has set tongues wagging on social media, a woman could be seen showing off her lady’sbit while dancing.

A Kerewa starving man then crawls up to her behind and she tw£rks on his face while he eats her forbidden fruit.

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The slay queen then sits on the dude’s front again and this time, she pulls her ‘poito’ aside so he can eat the fruit properly.

The lengths some people go in the name of having a good time are just astounding. And to think that there were people applauding them makes it even outrageous!

Watch the video Here :

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