All for the gram! Slay Queen almost ends up with life threatening injuries while pulling stunts on social media


This slay queen bimbo almost burnt her private parts to ashes while trying to pull stunts for her followers on social media.

The brainless slay queen, who was displaying her crazy ability almost burns her lady’s bit after she sprayed something inflammable onto her ‘toto’ hairs and then later took a lighter to try to burn it.

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Just imagine ending up with life threatening injuries because of a few Instagram likes.


Watch the video, LOL!!

Meanwhile, A video of Racist white guy beaten like a squirrel for calling a guard a monkey in Africa has set tongues wagging on social media.

A racist white man was given a beating that he will never forget anytime soon after he insulted a guard at a petrol station when he was fuelling his car.

He called the guard a monkey and just when he thought that he was going to walk free after the shameless racist slur..Continue reading

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