Regina Daniels spotted smoking heavily in public once again; shocking video drops


Billionaires wife and mother of one, Regina Daniels, have been spotted smoking in public one again a few days after she was captured drinking and smoking whilst driving.

Recall that a few days ago, a trending video of Regina Daniels popped up on the internet which saw her driving at top speed on a high way.

Regina Daniels

Some social media users suggested that she was high on drugs concluding from her posture.

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The earlier video which say Regina smoke and drive at the same time had social media commentators say she was probably on some drugs but guess what, that alone is not stopping the mother of one from living her adventurous life.

She has been spotted smoking shisha in broad daylight and the fans are not taking it cool as they are of the view that she is a nursing mother and shouldn’t be doing that until she is no longer breastfeeding her son.

Watch the video below; 

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