Video of a man pulling dangerous stunts with his motorbike causes stir [Watch ]


Social media has erupted after a man was recorded trying dangerous stunts with his motorbike.

The man jumped on his speeding motorbike and balanced his legs in the air, making it look like a scene from a Hollywood movie.

dangerous stunts

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He pulled the dangerous stunts as members of the public cheered him, oblivious of the risks that come with such stupid and reckless stunts.

Watch the video below :

Meanwhile, unidentified Nigerian soldier was caught on video beating and harassing a young lady who, according to him, was indecently dressed.

It was gathered that the incident took place at the Oju-Ore in the Ota, Ogun State, around 10 am in the morning.

The said lady had worn a pair of shorts and a white top and was trekking on the road when the soldier got down from a commercial bus he was on and attacked her.

According to an eye witness, the soldier slapped the lady multiple times and then commanded her to strip naked.

He only let her go after a group of people gathered to plead on the victim’s behalf, it was learnt… Watch the video here

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