Afia Schwar exposes Mona Gucci Of being a fraud and posing as a lawyer, provide evidences [Video]


Afia Schwar has unleased her venom on Mona Gucci and this time she has exposed her for being behind the name Monalisa Abigail Semaha as a lawyer and defrauding people.

In a new development of the feud between Ghana’s self acclaimed biggest Slay Queen, Mona Gucci and Afia Schwar, there has been a hidden secret which has been revealed by Afia.

According to Afia, Mona Gucci defrauded many innocent people after she posed herself as qualified lawyer from the States.

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Afia detailed that Mona Gucci pose as a lawyer with all her qualifications stated in her bio on Facebook but does that only to take money from people.

Explaining further, Afia said Mona has been dragged to court years back and was seen begging the judge on her knees.

First, Afia shared Mona Gucci’s court a statements and while sharing that, she wrote:

I will give you the docket tomorrow..
Mona the chief mourner of kofi Anan…Congratulations .

Afia Schwar

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Afia Schwar

Afia shared more of Mona Gucci’s alleged court case. Sharing it, she captioned it as below:

Dr UN, your sister Lawyer Blue Gate is calling you.
So Kofi Anan cannot die in peace again anaa???
Mona with all your fraud…look at your life ..
I warned you.
We will continue tomorrow

Afia Schwar

Afia Schwar advised many to be careful with people on Facebook because more of them are fraudsters using another court case of Mona Gucci.

Let’s continue….
Beware of Facebook lawyers oh sorry Facebook fraudsters….

Afia Schwar

Watch the video below; 

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