Nigerians furious over Omah Lay and Tems arrest in Uganda; Call for their release


Just a few days ago, two Nigerian artists -Omah Lay and Tems were arrested in Uganda over what the police termed, a breach of the Covid 19 regulations.

Omah lay and colleagues were arrested, arraigned before court, and remanded to Kitalya prison until Wednesday.

They were supposed to be granted bail as indicated by the Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga, however, according to the Police Twitter handle, their files were recalled by the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).

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Upon learning this, Nigerians on Twitter expressed their dissatisfaction at how their own were being treated, this included Nigerian celebrities, Davido, Dj Neptune, Rudeboy.

Davido tweeted, “ Omo this Ugandan P, how can we help? What can we do? Artists just tryna eat! They didn’t bargain for this.”

Several Nigerian became too furious that they wanted the MTV MAMAs to be boycotted by all Nigerian artists that were nominated.

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If it happened, it would be a bad thing for Uganda considering the majority of the performers and nominees on the MTV Africa Music Awards are from Nigeria.

The West Africans also went bare-knuckle at Cindy Sanyu, calling her upcoming artists who have been struggling for 20 years. This comes at the backdrop of Cindy’s reaction to Omah Lay’s show where she called him an Idiot.

Seeing the pressure coming for west Africa, Ugandan artists that had earlier expressed dissatisfaction towards the illegal concert decided to rally behind the Nigerians to condemn the act.

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Artists Lydia Jazmine, Ykee Benda, A pass, and Sheebah condemned the act by the police and demanded the immediate release of Omah and colleagues.

Sheebah wrote, “I can’t believe what I’ve just heard & seen!! Honestly @policeug, this is not fair to the musicians. How on earth would the artists from Nigeria know the laws in our music industry??”

A pass also added that it was not right for police to arrest Omah Lay because he did not know the law in Uganda. He stressed that the people to blame were the promoter.

However, Bebe cool who had earlier on before the concert could take place had vowed to stop the concert by all means, although he failed, came under heavy criticism by the Nigerians.

Omah Lay and Tems

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The Nigerians believed that Bebe Cool connived with the Police to have Omah and colleagues arrested.

They even went as far as digging up one of his songs titled Ogah in which he used pidgin English to express himself in a rather comic manner, the Nigerians felt Bebe Cool mocked them in the song as well.

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Zuena Kirema who has been Bebe Cool’s lover for so along saw how much people were dragging her husband, and tried to clear the air saying her husband did not connive with the police.

It looked like her voice did not help him given the fact that even when he tried to advocate for Omah Lay’s release, Nigerians never relented.

Unfortunately, such a thing is happening at a time Uganda is hosting a very prestigious award ceremony which is meant to bring people from different walks of life.

If Omah Lay is treated like he has been, how are the visitors coming for the awards going to feel safe?

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