Little girl in diaper wowed social media with her amazing dancing skills [Watch]


A video of a baby has emerged on social media in which a little girl could be seen dancing to a song from a phone she placed on the floor.

The girl, who wore a top and diaper, delivered some amazing moves she must have learnt from an adult. There was coordination between her arms and legs as the dance went on.

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Baby in diaper dance

While dancing to the song, the little girl shook her backside to the song that blared from the phone, and when the song stopped playing, she brought it back to life with the tip of her finger.

The little girl’s performance has further proven that children are fast learners and they tend to practise whatever adults do in their presence when they have the chance.

The unidentified baby has joined other children that have warmed the hearts of social media users with their dance steps.

Check out the video below :

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