Mother locks her son in a shop overnight after biting and beating him heartlessly [Watch]


A little boy of about seven years old, has been rescued by neighbors and well wishers after being locked up overnight by his mother in her shop.

A mother’s love for her child will have make her go to the ends of the earth for her child. However, what happens when a mother who is meant to protect and love her child becomes the abuser?

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Mother beat son and lock him up

This appears to be the story of about 7-year-old boy who was badly beaten by his own biological mother.

According to reports gathered by, the unnamed boy’s mother beats and bites him constantly, and eventually locked him up overnight in her shop.

In the viral video making the round, a man was captured on camera trying hard to open the locked shop.

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He eventually succeeded in opening the shop, and brought out the boy who showed them his back that is decorated with bite marks from the mother.

Watch the video below :

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