Bridget Bema has done it again; drops another hilarious comedy skit [watch]


Kenyan new comedy sensation Bridget Bema is back with another hilarious comedy skit.

The internet never sleeps. Every once in a while a new star pops up and becomes the talk of town.

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The latest social media star around is Bridget Bema, a schoolgirl who has been described as the most stubborn schoolgirl of all time.


She has become a viral star after being spotted in numerous skits showing her getting into trouble at school.

Every list of students flouting disciplinary rules that pop up, Bridget’s name is on it.

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Well, Bridget Bema is back with another hilarious comedy skit.

In the video, child comedian Bridget Bema teamed up with her older brother YY the Comedian to deliver yet another ribs-cracking performance.

The new skit shows Bridget Bema is still the number one prodigal daughter of the school and this time around she proves there are other ways to score 98% in a maths test apart from studying hard.

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Though when she was asked to come and show the class how she ended up becoming the school’s best math’s student, Bridget Bema was nowhere to be seen.

Watch the hilarious video below:

Who is Bridget Bema?

Bridget Bema is a Kenyan content creator who is also the younger sister of rising Kenyan comedian, YY. Bridget Bema is also regarded as a child comedian in Kenya.

In the viral school video, the tall man portraying the school administrator is actually Bridget Bema’s brother, YY.

Born on November 10, 2011, the adorable nine-year-old often appears in comedy videos with her brother.

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