Fake soldier disciplined ‘messlessly’ after he was arrested by real soldiers [Watch]


A fake soldier has faced the wrath of real soldiers after he was caught arrested.

The man according to the video dresses up like a soldier and parades himself around abusing and extorting people.

He beats before in town using his ‘fake influence’.

Fake soldier
Fake soldier ‘disciplined’ messlessly after he was arrested by real soldiers [Watch]
Well, his cup is now full after he got arrested by the real soldiers.

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After his apprehension, he was asked to dress the way he has been dressing when going about his mission.

Mid-way through his dressing, one soldier gave him a hot spanking slap.

Another soldier also landed another hot slap across his face. This made the impersonator visbly confused.

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In retaliation, he said he won’t continue dressing again.

His words infuriated another officer who landed some more slaps on ohim. If not for the intervention of his mates around, the man would have received more hot slaps.

Watch the video below;

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