Wendy Shay finally explains why she decided to unfollow delay on Instagram [Video]


Self-acclaimed “Queen of Gh Music”, Wendy Addo, well known as Wendy Shay has revealed her reasons for unfollowing her big sis, Delay on Instagram.

On the Delay Show some weeks ago, Deloris mentioned that Wendy’s recent look breeds suspicion that the songstress might be going through a tough time.

Wendy Shay
Wendy Shay finally explains why she decided to unfollow delay on Instagram

Delay insinuated that her loss of weight and sudden change in outlook could be because she had some kind of addiction.

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Many have an uncanny feeling about Wendy’s loss of weight and numerous piercings, and the daring Delay was not afraid to let her suspicions be known.

Delay claimed that Wendy called her right after the show and they both shared a laugh over her comments about her.

However, Wendy Shay has come out to narrate her side of the story and revealed her reasons for unfollowing Delay.

According to her, Delay unfollowed her on Instagram a year ago before she even decided to do same. She said that she has grown to realize her mistakes and now, she has decided to set things right.

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She said that she started working with some people when she started her journey as a musician but later, these same were the ones circulating false news about her. She added that she will be following only her die-hard fans from now onwards.

Watch the video below:

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