African lady bags herself an aging obroni husband and jealous Netizens can’t keep calm [photos]


A young African lady has caused a stir on social media as she has found the love of his life.

Many say ‘love is blind’, this could be true but who really knows? There are times when we strongly believe that a relationship is doomed but love prevails.

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African lady

People marry for different reasons and a young woman ‘s photos with her white groom have sparked this debate on social media.

While many said the woman married the man as a way to climb the social and economic ladder, others said they would do the same thing.

This young woman trended on social media as photos from her low-key wedding with her old white man surfaced online.

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In the photos seen by AtinkaNews , the young woman and her white man couldn’t control their smiles after making their love official.

From the photos, the new couple posed beautifully and instead of jealous netizens congratulating her, they are predicting that the old man might end up in a septic like Cohen.

All we can say is love always wins. See photos of the African lady and her newly wed white husband.

African lady

African lady

African lady

See how jealous netizens reacted.

African lady

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