Treat your men well before we come for them – Victoria Kimani tells Ghanaian Ladies


American-born Kenyan singer, songwriter, actress and entertainer, Victoria Kimani, has described Ghanaian men as a vibe, and advised Ghanaian girls to treat them well before ladies like herself come to steal them.

Speaking with Kojo Manuel on the Dryve of Your Lyfe radio show which airs on Y107.9FM, she expressed that Ghanaian guys are a vibe, they are very sweet and they know how to talk.

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Victoria Kimani

Following Kojo Manuel’s comment that the Ghanaian women do not think same of their men, she said,

Then they don’t know what they’re missing. They say the grass is not greener somewhere else, it’s only green where you water it so I’ll tell the women water your grass before the likes of me and my friends come and take them away”.

She again added that Ghanaian girls are obviously good vibes just like the men, hence, there should be a reason why they don’t see Ghanaian guys as vibes too.

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They could also maybe be vibes because I’m not from here so I can’t tell but there could also be an element of that in them.

Maybe you guys are not being vibes to Ghanaian girls too, maybe there’s a reason they’re saying that you’re not vibes so I’ll investigate”, the singer joked.